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Perry’s Picks: Classic Video Games

Josh Perry
November 30, 2010 • 370 views
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Super Mario Brothers- The Super Mario Bros. series has come a long way since its release on the NES in 1985. Nowadays, one uses a Wii remote and a nunchuck to run around jumping from planet to planet, experiencing bizarre gravity shifts and weird space battles. The original, 2D, version of the Mario ser... Read more »

Cheerleaders Seek Votes To Earn Spot In U.S. Army All American Bowl

Carly Smith
November 30, 2010 • 659 views
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Cheerleaders have the opportunity to cheer on Tevin Mitchel and other honored football players at the All American Bowl.  Got Milk is hosting the U.S. Army All-American Cheer Teams Competition, but to attend they need everyone to vote for their video at this link. “We want to go to the All American Bowl because it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to cheer for the huge crow... Read more »

Josh Sanders

Carson Rahrig
November 30, 2010 • 193 views
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Sophomore Josh Sanders walks up to his next class while lugging his heavy gym bag and carrying his baseball bat. He gets his mind ready for the long day ahead of practice, school, and praising God. Baseball Star- “I love baseball, but I like to play rather than watch. Watching can get boring. ... Read more »

Future Fighters

Travis St.John
November 29, 2010 • 650 views
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Walking the blood soaked floor, it feels like there are still over a thousand fans in the stands, as if the match changing armbar was still happening. Everyone has gone, though. It’s dark. Standing in the middle of the octagon, even those who did not witness the story could tell it. The story of the... Read more »

My Top 5 Picks for Senior Song

Brett Walker
November 29, 2010 • 463 views
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At the last pep rally, “Good Riddance” by Green Day was announced as my class’s senior song. I’m pretty disappointed, and I don’t think the voters realized they picked a sarcastic break up song. If I had my way, these five songs would have made up the ballot. The Killers - Smile Like You... Read more »


Amanda Granato
November 29, 2010 • 306 views
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“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” -Douglas Adams Deadline. It’s a word that pops up every now and then like a loud, buzzing alarm whenever I sit for nearly an hour looking at a blank screen and dimly wondering why the only words coming to my head are song... Read more »

Samantha Rogers

Madison Mondon
November 22, 2010 • 317 views
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Sophomore Samantha Rogers jams out to her iPod before every softball game with her best friend Alyssa, preparing for another win. Softball “Softball keeps me focused and it gives me something to do. It makes me set high goals for myself. I love the bond that I have with my teammates. Through softball... Read more »

MISD College and Career Night Slated for Dec. 1

Jamila Obied
November 19, 2010 • 148 views
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MISD will hold a College and Career night on Wednesday, Dec. 1, from 6 to 8 p.m at Legacy High School. MISD counselors and teachers strongly encourage students and parents to attend the event. Over 120 colleges, tech schools and all four branches of the military will have booths set up throughout th... Read more »

Journalism Hosts Underwear Drive

November 19, 2010 • 300 views
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From Nov. 29 to Dec. 3, Journalism and other classes will collect donations of new socks and underwear, which will go to the MISD Clothes Closet. Donors can identify participating classrooms by the flyers on doors or whiteboards. “We just want to do something for community service in our community,”... Read more »

Game: Fallout New Vegas

Josh Perry
November 18, 2010 • 195 views
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You come to your senses to find a man in a checkered suit holding a gun to your head. He tells you this is your last delivery and then pulls the trigger. The post-apocalyptic world of Fallout has finally returned after laying dormant since the Mothership Zeta add-on was released for Fallout 3. This... Read more »