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The 5 Best X-Men Characters

Nick Failor, Business Manager

Many different students graduate Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, but the ones that may not have received the focus are the ones that truly are the best. The top five X-Men may not have been seen in the movies much, but it just shows that something better always lies behind the movies. Granted, Wolverine, Ice Man, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and all the other characters in the movies are awesome, but here are five that would make them tremble.

5. Colossus
Powers: He has the power to transform his entire body into “organic steel,” somewhat similar to osmium, the densest natural element. When in this form, he grows a foot and a half, and doubles in weight. He is immune to great impacts, large caliber bullets, falling from tremendous heights, electricity, and certain magical attacks. He does not need food, water or oxygen to survive in this form and resists extreme injuries.Why: When a person is faced with a giant metal man charging at them, their first instinct is to run. He’s a scary dude and could easily fend for himself against some of the greatest of the X-Men characters.

4. Gambit
Powers: He has the power to take potential energy stored in objects and transfer it into kinetic energy with a lot of force. It can be any object, but he mostly prefers smaller objects like playing cards, because the transfer is a lot quicker and he can throw them very easily. Because of this power, he also has super human abilities, like speed, coordination, balance and endurance. He also has a charm about him great enough to entice anyone he pleases.

Why: He could literally take all potential energy inside a person, turn it into kinetic energy and make them explode. He is a ragin’ Cajun and a ladies’ man, which easily lands him on my list at number four.

3. Juggernaut
Powers: He has superhuman strength and endurance along with a constant protective force field that grants invulnerability. Acting as an ‘irresistible force,’ he is virtually immortal and like Colossus, does not need to eat or breathe to sustain himself.

Why: He has made third because of several different reasons. One, he’s the Hulk doing it right. Two, he does not need to eat or breathe to survive. Three, he is literally indestructible. Enough said.

2. Phoenix
Powers: As a manifestation of sheer power inside of Jean Grey, Phoenix is the reason why crazy people should not have superpowers, which makes her even better. As Phoenix, Grey can rearrange matter at a subatomic level, fly unaided through space, survive in any atmosphere, and manipulate electromagnetic and cosmic energies for various effects and atmospheric disturbances. She can create stargates that can transport her to anywhere in the universe instantaneously. She can also revive herself after death by reviving, absorbing, re-channeling, and preserving the life-force of any kind of life-form, meaning that she can take life energy from one person and give it to others, heal herself with the same life energy, or even resurrect the dead, since the Phoenix is the sum of all life and death.

Why: Being the almost uncontrollable force of pure energy and power, Jean Grey as Phoenix can literally tear apart any material with just a thought, or wave of her hand. All of these traits easily landed her on my list at number two.

1. Vulcan
Powers: He can psionically manipulate vast amounts of energy while also being able to produce light, heat, force, electricity, suppress mutant energies, survive in the vacuum of space, and fly as fast as the speed of light when outside a planetary atmosphere. He can also absorb tons of energy, like energy from his brothers Cyclops and Havok, unless they are in a state beyond normality. He can also manipulate electricity within a person’s brain and use their powers at his own will by manipulating their own energy sources and can solidify pure energy and use it as a weapon for destruction.

Why: He has quickly sped past all other characters in X-Men and made number one for several reasons. While Cyclops and Havok are immune to each other’s powers, they are not immune to Vulcan’s. He has taken on, and defeated an entire empire mostly by himself. Vulcan has vulnerabilities at some points in time, but what makes him better is that he has the power to completely defend those vulnerabilities and destroy his opponent.

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  1. Thomas Vorheis on January 25th, 2012 10:00 am

    Personaly, i think that Juggernaut has been a bit misplaced on this list. First off, he’s not an X-Men at all, he is their enemy and is just in the comic as Professor Xavier’s evil brother. Secondly, if he can be single handedly defeated by Spider-Man, he’s not all that great. His one weakness is his hulking head and is easily defeated once his helmet is removed. He got defeated by a guy in a wheel chair. Sad, isn’t it? Plus his one enemy, is that same guy! The professor! He’s got all that power and not a scrap of brain to show for it. Only pitiful jelousy.


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