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Must Do Activities Over Spring Break

Josh Perry, Entertainment Editor

The week we have all been waiting for has finally arrived; Spring Break. Here are a few ideas on how to spend your time.

Six Flags Over Texas-
Instead of being stuck inside all day, why not ride some rides like the new Texas Giant or the Titan. If big coasters aren’t your thing though, the Mine Train and Looney Toon Land are there for you.

Ticket Prices-
General Admission- $56.99
Kids- $39.99
Buy Online- All Tickets $39.99

Like everyone who lives in Texas knows, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. So when the weather gets out of hand and really hot or the rain puts a damper on your fun, (note the use of when and not if at the beginning of the sentence) the movies are always there. Spring break has some great movies coming out for your entertainment.

XD Real-D 3DAdult $14.50 Child $12
John Carter

Real-D 3DStudent $11.25 Adult $11.75
The Lorax
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengance
Journey 2

Digital CinemaStudent $8.25  Adult $8.75
Safe House
The Vow
A Thousand Words
Silent House
Act of Valor
Project X
Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds
This Means War

*prices may be for online purchases only

Go to the Park-

When the weather isn’t dreadful, being outside leads to a great time. Mansfield has plenty of parks that you can go to. Almost enough that you could go to a different park for every day of the break. Of course the parks are free to use so if you are looking for a cheap hang out, this is one to considerPrice- Free

Hang Out With Friends-
Hanging out with friends should be a given for spring break. You don’t have school, they don’t have school; what a perfect coincidence. A great time is always guaranteed among friends and most of the time it is inexpensive. However, that all depends on what your group decides to do though.

Price- Priceless

Be THAT Guy and Stay Inside All Week-
Yes the indoors are fun and all and you can take a day to yourself, but don’t stay in the confines of your own home for the whole time. That’s not healthy; mentally. You may not be a plant, but you still need some sun. If the weather isn’t the best that day, that is justification to stay indoors. Don’t over use it though. Spring Break cannot be spent indoors. It’s just not possible.

Price- Free (but frowned upon)

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