Lauren Kee

Moving the soccer ball to its center position on the field, sophomore Lauren Kee gets ready to kick it downfield. She looks back making sure her team is ready. The whistle blows, and she effortlessly kicks the ball to the opposing side.

Kee has been playing soccer since she was five years old as a result of her best friend, Erica Schnitzius playing as well. According to Kee, the girls did everything together, so it was their destiny that they would end up playing the same sport.

“It was a lot of fun because we were best friends and that was one thing we shared together,” Kee said.

Kee aspires to play soccer professionally. According to Kee, getting a scholarship at Texas A & M is one of her dreams.

“If soccer doesn’t work out, I’ve actually thought about dancing,” Kee said.

However, pursuing soccer at A & M is promoted in her household because her dad went there

“I don’t necessarily like the place but with what Lauren want to do, it’s perfect,” Laurens brother, Freshman, Thomas Kee said.

Playing forward, or striker, Kee is generally the primary scorer. She’ll play closer to the opponent’s goal and never go close to her own team’s goal.

“Whenever you score a goal and my teammates celebrate with me, we have a handshake, that’s my favorite part,” Kee said.

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