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LBTV: A Night of Percussion

March 23
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Legacy's Percussion debuts its piece to submit for a competition.

LBTV: PTSA Cookies

March 21
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LBTV digs into why PTSA sells cookies and why you should buy them.

LBTV: PSA – Bullying

March 16
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Bullying is a serious problem in School, do your part to help prevent or end it.

LBTV: Multicultutral Festival

March 14
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MISD hosts a Multicultural Festival with a variety of food, crafts and dance, where Legacy's own African Student Union performs.

LBTV: Things to do during Spring Break

March 9
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LBTV shows off ways to use your time during Spring Break.

LBTV: Legacy’s Own 3D Printer

March 7
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The library attains some cutting edge equipment that students can use.

LBTV: L. U. C. K. Week

March 3
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Broncos raise money for Angelina Santos' treatment and other special items she needs.

LBTV: Film Club

March 3
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Legacy's Film Club hosts discussions about movies and television, and how to make your own videos.

LBTV: Jazz Bash

February 28
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Legacy Bronco Jazz Band hosts a Jazz bash, where guess can be entertained by music and food.

LBTV: Counselor Appreciation

February 24
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LBTV takes a look at the role of Legacy's counselors.