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LBTV: Legacy Vs. Bryan Adams Women’s Basketball

February 20
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Women's Basketball Broncos face off against Bryan Adams Cougars.

LBTV: The Song

February 17
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Donate so it will end. It's for a good cause. Please.

LBTV: Food Day

February 16
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Nutrition and Wellness conducts a in class project with a wide variety of food.

LBTV: I Am Legacy- Leslie Telles

February 14
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LBTV covers the student artist Leslie Telles.

LBTV: Vending 2.0

February 10
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MISD updates vending machines for a newer way to pay.

Swim and Dive Paddle Past Regionals

Swim and Dive Paddle Past Regionals

Hannah Garcia, Editor-In-Chief
February 9
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Senior Jeff Jameson slaps on his swim cap to go warm up before his event. He jumps into the pool and keeps his eye on the clock. After swimmers and divers competed in the regional meet Feb. 3-4, the boys’ team finished in second place while the girls placed sixth. The team received a total of 15 medals: ten gold...

LBTV: Origami-Grams

February 8
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Art Club sells origami hearts and stuffed bears to gain funds for art scholarships.

LBTV: The Rider On Lunch

February 6
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Legacy Student Media produces a competition between teams in the from of a cooking show.

LBTV: Journalism Clothes Closet

February 2
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Legacy Student Media volunteers at a local Mansfield clothes closet.

LBTV: Key Club Cancer Awareness Bracelets

January 31
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Key Club sells bracelets to raise funds for American Cancer Society. Donate at