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AVID Prepares Students for the Future

Jessica Jones, Staff Writer

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a program designed to help students improve their academics while preparing them for college by teaching them valuable skills. According to freshman AVID teacher Jennifer Roberts, Legacy students learn and reinforce skills such as Cornell notes, reading, writing and speaking skills as well as collaboration and inquiry skills.

“AVID gives students a support system to guide them through the process of being successful in high school and to prepare them for college with the skills to help them be successful,” Ms.Roberts said.

College tutors come to Ms.Roberts’ class two days a week to help students with any trouble they have in their classes.

“The tutorials we do help me answer questions I need help on,” freshman Kevin Maddox said.

To stay in AVID students must be in at least one AP class and maintain passing grades. AVID students must keep their planner and binder organized for binder checks on Fridays. Students must also complete two hours of homework a night and are expected to bring tutorial question to class to get help from other students.

“[AVID] keeps my binder and backpack organized and helps me answer questions,” Maddox said.

Maddox joined AVID to learn more skills that would help prepare for college and enjoy the class with his friends.

“We have ‘Fun Fridays’ sometimes, we sometimes do activities to help get to know each other,” Maddox said. “I like telling about myself.”

In eighth grade senior Jessica Jacquez chose to take the class because her favorite teacher also taught AVID. According to Jacquez, AVID has become more complex over the years, she enjoys the class and feels that her classmates have become like a family.

“It’s fun,” Jacquez said. “We’re very comfortable with each other.”

Jacquez’s AVID teacher, Ivonne Want, checks on her students’ grades, emails their teachers and keeps the students on track.

“If I fail something, I just let it slide, but she gets onto me,” Jacquez said. “She motivates me.”

Jacquez has been in AVID for five years and feels the program and teachers have helped her prepare for college where she hopes to go into Political Science or Pre-Law or Pre-Med.

“If it wasn’t for AVID I probably wouldn’t be accepted to any colleges,” Jacquez said, “Mrs.Want couldn’t be better for our class. She’s like a second mother,” Jacquez said.

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