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Review: Reimagined EP

Josh Perry, Entertainment Editor

Jamie’s Elsewhere released their third EP titled Reimagined on Feb. 14. Taking a break from their normal post-hardcore sound, the EP is strictly alternative with all songs being acoustic.

The EP has six tracks, four of which were remakes of songs off of their previous album They Said a Storm Was Coming. The tracks they remade were also renamed from the lyrics. For example, “Giant’s Among Common Men” became “Let’s Pretend That We’re Giants” and “The Mapmaker” became “I’ll Make My Peace and Sink.” These remade tracks, and the new ones, feature no harsh lyrics but all clean vocals, really emphasizing how great of a singer Aaron Pauley can be. The vocals are beautiful and have no indication of studio editing.

The two new songs “Heavy Eyelids, Heavy Hearts” and “Out of Love” are slower than the others, but they are unique from the other songs on the EP. They have simple chords and almost no other instrument other than the guitar, but this adds to how great the songs are and this new style of music was effectively pulled off by the band.

The one thing I didn’t like about the album was how on They Said a Storm Was Coming, the song “The Prodigal” was already a very slow song, but they remade it for the Reimagined EP. Don’t get me wrong, the song was very good, original and remade, but I would have much rather had a remake of one of the heavier songs like “Visions in Sleep” or “A Slave, a Son.”

Looking at the EP as a whole, it was very good and I can’t wait to see what this band has in store for the future. For the heavier Jamie’s Elsewhere fans, the band plans to release a full album, back to the post-hardcore sound, by the end of the year.

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