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Callie Jo Davis

Junior Callie Jo Davis volunteers at local haunted house for the Halloween season

John Hoang, Staff Writer

Junior Callie Davis decorates the room by splattering fake blood across the wall. She works to make the haunted house as scary as possible. Each room has its own horror theme and a name. Davis volunteers at the Chaos Haunted House at the Texas Scaregrounds in Kennedale.

“I still won’t go in [to the haunted house],” Davis said. “[but] I like working there.”

The first time she went to a haunted house she disliked it and didn’t want to go again. After, a friend convinced her to come along another time she enjoyed it. Then she decided to volunteer at haunted houses. When Halloween season ends, she helps clean up and makes preparations for next year.

“I love working there [at the haunted house],” Davis said. “It’s the people there who are interesting.”

Davis still feels scared at haunted houses,but she enjoys working in one and seeing all the work put into the makeup and decorations. Seeing how much effort and time the make-up artists put into designing the face paint excites her about the Halloween season.

“I love Halloween. It’s just a place to have fun and to enjoy yourself,” Davis said.

Trick-or-treating, going to haunted houses, watching scary movies or having a Halloween costume party are all activities of the Halloween season. From September 19th to the first week of November, the Chaos Haunted House will remain open.

“I like seeing the people’s faces when they walk through,” Davis said, “and seeing the awesome make-up.”

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  1. blah on January 11th, 2012 4:09 pm

    so creepy. so cool.


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