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Jeremy Hamilton

Senior Jeremy Hamilton makes his way around the track for the last lap

Marilyn Carey, Staff Writer

Senior Jeremy Hamilton sits in staging waiting for the race to start. He begins to say a prayer over and over. Preparing himself, he tries to get psyched and ready to get out there and go fast.

Hamilton has been titled as a professional Flat Track Racer for several years. He started when he was seven-years-old, and his passion branched into professional motocross and road racing, getting him close to his final career. Hamilton followed his father’s footsteps and wanted to pursue a sport not “just anyone” could perform.

“A lot of people assume that racing is easy physically, and it isn’t at all. Studies show that motocross is the second most difficult sport in the world, behind soccer,” Hamilton said. “It is both technically, physically and outstandingly tough, it takes so much to be any good at [riding].”

Hamilton’s family supports his passion. Hamilton’s dad, a retired professional racer, was the one who influenced Hamilton to begin racing. Through traveling, Hamilton has raced in at least 20 different states at 50 or more different tracks. Both parents travel by his side across the United States for competitions. In addition to his parents come his sponsors, who go anywhere he goes for competition.

“My least favorite part of the sport is the traveling. I race almost every single weekend, either flying or driving anywhere in the US, anywhere from California to Florida,” Hamilton said. “Sitting in a car for over 24 hours every weekend for a race is super tiring, and tends to get old.”

Not only does Hamilton use football, soccer and track to keep him in physical shape, but he also uses mental skills to work toward his racing. Learning how to perfect this hobby, he insists on thriving for more.

“To prepare myself for a race, I have to be in top physical and mental condition. Not having either one of them can cause a horrible race weekend,” Hamilton said. “Racing is as much of a mental game as it is physical.”

After all of his time and commitment from Hamilton and his family, Hamilton will not be done yet working toward his future. Riding and practicing almost every day, Hamilton plans on following the sport throughout his high school career.

“One of my biggest strengths is just being able to push myself to my full ability and really just ride my butt off to make things work, even if they aren’t working out,” Hamilton said.

Within minutes before the race, the last finalization of preparing to ride, Hamilton fills his thoughts with hope as he prays perpetually while standing on his bike.

“When I am sitting in staging waiting for the race, I pray and pray and pray some more,” Hamilton said. “My favorite part of the being a motorcycle racer is really just being able to ride. And just the adrenaline is like a drug that you can’t get enough of. It’s all great.”

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