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Corey Murray

Sophomore Corey Murray catches the ball from the hike

Megan Henry, Feature Editor

Sophomore Correy Murray catches the ball from the hike, takes two steps back and looks for his open receiver. He hurdles the ball down the field. Incomplete pass. Murray calls for a huddle, and brings the offense in for a quick talk.

“All we gotta do is get this first down,” Murray said.

Yards away from the in-zone, Murray is a pass away from getting a final touchdown of the night. Unfortunately, the Broncos did not close in on a win, but ended with a loss to Duncanville. The low scoring game ended with a score of 3-7, contributing to the JV-A team’s overall district record of 2 wins and 5 losses.

“The Duncanville game was insanely cold,” Murray said. “We played hard throughout the game and nearly came back to beat them, but fell short.”

Murray played quarterback and linebacker, his favorite of the two being linebacker. As a leader on the JV- A team, one of Murray’s jobs was to set a good example for the other players and take control of the huddle.

“We got better as a group this year, pushed each other and joked around,” Murray said. “We expected more this year, but we just didn’t get it.”

Murray hopes to make the varsity team the remainder of his high school years, and possibly play throughout college as well. For any younger, or upcoming players Murray offers one bit of advice.

“Be prepared to work hard, and be coachable,” Murray said.

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