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Ms. Hatley

ESL Teacher Ms. Hatley works at her computer during class

John Hoang, Staff Writer

English as a Second Language (ESL), teacher Elizabeth Hatley arrives to her new classroom, surrounded by an environment completely different from those of her previous years teaching World History. While having to adjust to teaching a new course was difficult at first, she enjoys the experience.

“I love learning and hope to make that love contagious,” Hatley said. “Teaching is different everyday, and I knew I wouldn’t have to work in a cubicle.”

Hatley sees teaching as a unique experience and took steps to make it different everyday. When she helps students speak English, she got to know about other cultures and individual students. Hatley welcomed ESL as a new challenge and enjoyed helping a different group of kids. Although she primarily taught World History, she had experience teaching ESL in summer school.

“When I taught AP I felt a great sense of accomplishment when previous students would return to me,” Hatley said. “tell me the hard work they did in my class helped them in their current classes.”

She doesn’t mind making faces, standing on desks, or singing during class to make it more interesting.

“When teaching you can have fun and handle business at the same time,” Hatley said.

Knowing former students have become more successful after high school inspires her to keep teaching.

“I’m very proud of them,” Hatley said. “They are starting their adult lives and that energy is contagious.”

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