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Raegan Arnold

Freshman Raegan Arnold practices her swing before teeing off

Marilyn Carey, Staff Writer

Freshman Raegan Arnold decided to continue playing golf during high school, after being raised around the sport for years. Playing perpetually whether she plays on the course or during her free time.

Arnold planned on joining the golf team after 11 years of playing. On the first day of school, Arnold eagerly walked into golf class with confidence, with being one of the three freshmen on the girls golf team.

“I was actually excited to go into class, not nervous,” Arnold said. “I already knew most of the girls and made friends with them.”

Arnold started golfing at the age of four. While growing up, her mom and dad encouraged her to keep playing.

“I used to play volleyball and softball, too,” Arnold said. “I chose to play only golf during high school though.”

Being encouraged by friends and family, Arnold had numerous reasons to join the golf team. Already having an athletic background, she wanted to stop playing volleyball for a sport that was more meaningful for her.

“I chose to play golf because I can play it my whole life,” Arnold said. “Not just during my high school career.”

Even though Arnold has her own personal opinions on golf, she stays determined to continue this sport for the next four years until her graduation.

“My least favorite part about golfing are the tournaments, I have to play with people I don’t know and it can be very nerve racking,” Arnold said. “My favorite part about golf is being with my friends, I get to play with them during practice.”

According to Arnold, most athletes that do not play golf claim that golf was never a sport. Arnold wants to prove to people that golf is not as easy as people think. Performing the same workouts every other athletic team does, the girls golf team thrives for more credit than they get for not having an athletic title.

“Golf is definitely not what people think it is,” Arnold said. “We earn our positions on the course and have just as much athletic ability as everyone else.”

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