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Officer Mathis

Officer Mathis patrols the parking lot during school hours

Brittany Musser, Staff Writer

Officer Mathis turns into a parking lot, following kids who left for lunch. As they get out of the car with their Whataburger cups she calls after them to stop, retrieving their names and ID numbers to turn in to the police.

“It can be a difficult job,” Mathis said. “The kids often run when they see my truck or ignore me when I try to approach them.”

Mathis, an employee of Seawinns Security, began working for the district at the beginning of the new semester.

“I took this job because jobs are hard to come by these days,” Mathis said. “Also, it’s something different than what I use to do.”

Prior to working as campus security, Mathis use to guard bus barns overnight.

“Sometimes when the job gets tough I just want to quit and go and do what I use to do,” Mathis said. “But I do really enjoy some of the students that are really sweet and respectful and wave when they see me.”

Mathis begins everyday at 7 a.m. and leaves at 3 p.m. to turn in her supplies before returning home.

“The busiest times of the day are the beginning and end of school and during lunch,” Mathis said. “During last period is my favorite time, I get to slow down and relax.”

Under the job description, Mathis’ responsibilities include patrolling the parking lot and keeping the peace among the students.

“The job is really different from what I thought,” Mathis said. “For instance, I was told that I would never have to get out of my truck but I have to get out of it often.”

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