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The Music Pyramid

Josh Perry, Entertainment Editor

Pop culture today has it’s own view on what music is popular. I, on the other hand, have a different opinion of what music is better and what genres of music society could live without. Here is my hierarchy of music in the form of the food pyramid:The Bread and Pasta Group: On the food pyramid, the bread and pasta group is the base of the pyramid. This group requires the most servings per day and is one of the most important. In my musical hierarchy, this group correlates to Rock music. Rock music is the base and in my opinion is the best genre of music. Without rock, most genres of music now days would not be the same or even exist.The Vegetable Group: Right above the bread an pasta group is the vegetable group. Vegetables, although not as needed as the bread and pasta group, are still important. I compare the vegetable group to Metal music. Metal has been around for a while and everybody needs a little metal music. Whether it’s 80’s metal, modern metal, metalcore or hard rock, metal should at least be on every iPod.The Fruit Group: Right next to the vegetable group is the fruit group. Fruits are just as important as vegetables and require around the same amount of servings. What differentiates the fruit form the vegetables is that fruits are sweet and vegetables tend to be bitter or hard to take in. That’s why I chose Punk/Alternative Music for my fruit group. Punk and alternative can be anywhere from indie music to the grunge rock on 102.1 the Edge.

The Meat Group- One level above the fruits and vegetables is the meat group. The meat group has proteins and other important things that help maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the hierarchy, Classical music is the meat group. Classical music is very important for human survival. The soft relaxing sound of stings and wind instruments can help take the stress out of life. It’s not as important as the previous groups though, requiring less servings.

The Dairy Group- With even less servings than the meat group, but still on the same level, is the dairy group. Milk, along with other dairy products, are not as crucial as the other groups besides the fact they supply the body calcium. The dairy group is comparable to rap. Rap is enjoyable, just like milk and cheese, but isn’t good enough to top the rest. I’m not saying it’s bad, I just don’t personally enjoy constantly listening to people talk to a beat. On occasion rap is very enjoyable, but all the time is too much.

The Fats, Oils and Other Group-  Last but not least, at the top of the food pyramid, requiring little to no servings, is the Fats, Oils and Other Group; or as I call it, the FOOG (füg) group. The FOOG group is the least healthy of the groups and should not be eaten regularly. That’s why the FOOG group is Pop music. Pop is, well, bad. Singing to a pre-recorded track is not deserving of it’s own genre. To accurately describe what I consider pop, is a “band” that goes out on stage and just sings. If there are a bunch of instruments on the stage, that’s not quite what I’m refuting. Not all pop is bad, but a majority of it is just really annoying and repetitious. I do like some pop though, just like even people without sweet teeth like candy.

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  1. lauron on January 9th, 2015 8:34 am

    I love all types of music. As long as the music sounds good ill listen to it. I hate country music though.


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