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Freshman Boys Basketball Set Records

Maxwell Allsup, Staff Writer

Freshman forward, Gentry Ivery bobs and weaves through defenders down the court. He jumps and makes a shot for his team as he does everyday in practice. Immediately after the team’s first two points, Iverys teammate snatches a rebound and launches it down court back to Ivery who happens to be right by the goal, and puts it up for another two points.

“It was pretty cool scoring the first four points,” Ivery said.

For Freshman district 5-5A basketball, Ivery and his team have given opponents more than what to expect. Their season stands at 13-7 coming close against teams like Duncanville, only to have lost on a last second buzzer beater for three points in the closing seconds right after obtaining the lead. The final score for the game was 52-55.

“There hasn’t been a game this season where we haven’t been in it,” said freshman basketball coach Jimmy Green.

But after seven years of playing basketball and conserving a starting position ever since he could remember, scoring just becomes a habit to young player Ivery. Although playing basketball, Ivery is juggling two other sports, while he played football on the Freshman A team in the fall, Ivery also looks forward to track as the season comes to a close.

“I’m not really sad basketball is going to end,” Ivery said.

And with track right around the corner, the season is coming to a close, with Timberview coming up. As they have done all season Ivery and the Basketball team plans on playing a good game against their rival, hoping to come out with a big victory.

“The whole team decided to practice and play even harder against Timberview because they’re talking trash,” Ivery said. “We’re playing like there is a lot on the line.”

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