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LUCK Week Candidate Chosen

Julianna Di Napoli, Editor-In-Chief

Parker Lee Shackelford has been chosen as the 2012 LUCK Week candidate. Parker was born on Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 11:53 p.m. via Cesarean section weighing two pounds three ounces.

Five years ago, Legacy’s annual LUCK Week was started by English teacher, Stephanie Shackelford. Now, Parker will be the main focus of the program his mother began.

“I am so excited that the students picked Parker,” Student Council Sponsor Dena Schimming said. “I love the fact that Shack started LUCK week 5 years ago, and now the campus is able to give back to her family in their time of need.  I also like how LUCK Week will be dedicated to a Bronco Nation family member.”

Parker will be Legacy’s first infant candidate for LUCK Week. According to Mrs. Schimming, this will create challenges with incorporating the baby and his family.

“I know that economic times are hard for people right now, so fundraising may be a challenge,” Mrs. Schimming said. “We have some creative ideas that we hope bring in a lot of money for the Shackelford’s.”

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