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Veteran Runners Help Freshman

John Hoang, Staff Writer

Standing on the track, senior Benjamin Ramsey looks around and sees many new faces on the team. There are several freshmen who need to be shown the basics of running track. The more knowledgeable athletes help the novice runners get started for the first meet of the season.

“They still got a lot to learn, [but] I think we got a lot of potential,” Ramsey said.

Being on the track team since his freshmen year, Ramsey has ran varsity for three years. He has learned the importance of teamwork and works to pass it down to the newer athletes. Freshman Beau Billings works to keep up with the varsity athletes and to beat his personal records.

“[I feel] accomplished, just that I gave it all I got and can’t wait for tomorrow,” Billings said after the practice.

Billings participates in the 800 meter race and pole-vaulting. His confidence in his team and in himself pushes him to do the best he can. His teammates give encouragement even when he feels tired during practice. Whenever he sees any of the faster runners come up ahead he tries to improve his stride and running form. Junior Kyle Perry, who ran varsity last season, feels that the team has changed since last year.

“There’s a lot of change, but we usually have a strong system and work hard,” Perry said.

Several senior and junior runners have left since last track season and many incoming freshmen have entered. Having fewer veteran runners than the team was used to, the remaining experienced athletes try to create a strong base for the next season.

“It’s pretty fun, I hope to stay up with the better runners,” Billings said.

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