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Brittany Musser, Staff Writer

I feel infected. A disease that I was immune to my first three years of high school, but in just the last three months has taken over my life. It leaves me unmotivated, bored and constantly distracted by Scramble with Friends and Pinterest. As time goes on it becomes stronger and stronger, causing destruction every where it goes. The only cure is available just once a year, and is known as graduation. As a junior, I heard seniors complain about it. They said that it caused them to neglect the very work that had once been their biggest priority. I listened, laughing at their weakness. So sure that it was just a silly myth that people overreacted about, I failed to adequately prepare myself. I was unaware of its raw and unstoppable power, unaware that it would make me careless, unaware of the carnage it would reek on my academic life.It was not until recently that I discovered how I contracted said disease. Hidden in the oversized envelope that contained my brightly colored acceptance package was my doom. As soon as I touched the letter I felt a slight change come over me. It was at first very subtle. My procrastination got slightly worse, but I just chalked that up to being tired. But as time wore on it only became worse. School had become unimportant, homework had become stupid and paying attention in class had become overrated.

Three months into the disease, the changes are as such. The only things with any value are prom and graduation. My phone has migrated from the depths of my bag to the desk on top of the blank sheet of paper where my notes should be. As soon as a teacher begins to talk I begin to daydream about anything other than the subject at hand. My homework is mediocre at best, and lucky to be turned in on time. Watching TV is the only subject I excel in anymore.

I fear this disease will completely overtake me before I am able to receive the cure. It threatens to destroy what it has taken three years to acquire. I am on the brink of completely shutting down, something I have never been okay with until now. I have resisted this much to long. Underachiever is now my middle name. Senioritis has taken another victim.

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