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Ty Lewellyn

Sophomore Ty Lewellyn immediately after being announced winner of Legacy Legend

Carson Rahrig, Personalities Editor

Sophomore Ty Lewellyn stands with a guitar swung over his back, trying to avoid looking into the stage lights. He stands beside his fellow competitors nervously awaiting for the winner to be revealed. Senior Brittney Chaney and past Legacy Legend winner, holds the white envelope containing the winner’s name. Chaney smiles as she announces Lewellyn the winner of Legacy Legend.

“I really had no idea who was going to win because everyone in the competition was so amazing,” Lewellyn said. “When my name was called I was overwhelmed and completely freaked out. I had no idea how to react.”

The audience members of Legacy Legend vote to decide the winner. Lewellyn competed in the 2010-11 competition but did not place in the top three. Both times Lewellyn competed he had a cold and had trouble hitting high notes and actually considered forfeiting.

“As soon as I got on stage the adrenaline kicked in,” Lewellyn said. “My nose was clear and I felt confident to sing.”

Lewllyn performed an acoustic rendition of Kings by local band Swing the Lead. The song originally had a big band sound with guitar, bass and drums. Lewellyn added his own flare to the song by adding a section that involved the audience.

“I think choosing an upbeat song rather than a ballad really helped me,” Lewellyn said. “I also think that choosing a song that not a lot of other people knew gave me a better chance to show my voice and not be compared to the original singer.”

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  1. Jamie on March 5th, 2012 9:55 am

    Legacy Legend is such a cool event and you portrayed it very well. Good story, keep it up


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