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In the Spirit

Marilyn Carey, Staff Writer

As she bows her head to pray, senior Jasmine Franklin ends her Monday night with her church group, Younglife; taking time out of her daily schedule to worship her savior, Jesus Christ.With help from adult coordinators, teens from all over MISD gather to carry on the belief of Christianity and inspire fellow students to celebrate the religion of Christ together. Throughout the school year, Younglife meets every Monday night at 7:57 at the local Bible Church in Mansfield, off Country Club. Many groups around the city of Mansfield are come together to influence young adults and encourage them to learn more about religious views.“Younglife is a place where you come in, be yourself and party with God,” Franklin said. “There is no judgement and great people there.”

Starting the meetings with games and socializing, the group moves onto singing and skits. The Younglife leaders give teenagers an environment to freely express their beliefs, as they end the last ten to twenty minutes with a Bible study.

“If you come to Younglife with an open heart and attitude, you can have a good chance to meet new friends and relate to God,” Franklin said. “I wouldn’t change anything about it. I love going.”

Along with Younglife as an opportunity to practice the religion of Christianity, there are more religious programs held at Legacy. BASIC and FCA are two different clubs that students can join into to relate to fellow Christian students. In Mrs. Schimming’s room, anyone can join the after school meetings for testimonies, worship, singing and visiting.

“I go to all three groups and Fellowship of Christian Athletes reminds me of Younglife a lot because it is very enthusiastic and peppy,” Franklin said. “Brothers and Sisters In Christ is more of a serious time to worship God.”

Senior Morgan Ingle attends BASIC every Friday from 2:45-3:15 year round. BASIC is a ‘Group of Believers,’ Ingle said, who discuss and practice the religion of Christianity, just like Younglife.

“Everyone who goes to BASIC goes for one thing and one thing only, which is to worship God in a serious matter,” Ingle said. “We sometimes joke around, but it gets pretty serious too.”

Even though BASIC meets before and after school, it is also involved outside of school, too. The group periodically travels around Mansfield to help influence locals to follow the word of God by preaching to strangers.

“BASIC is just a group of Christian fellows, where we can grow together and teach each other,” Ingle said. “That’s what BASIC’s [purpose] is for, is to build each other up and help other people.”

Ingle says that this specific spiritual group is different from FCA and Younglife because it is student led, giving students an opportunity to share their own message or testimony.

“FCA is directed more particularly toward student athletes,” senior James Thomas said. “If people see us playing out on the field with our team, we want to show our Christian pride and set a good example of what a Christian athlete is.

FCA [Fellowship of Christian Athletes] is a group of Christian athletes who meet every Thursday at 6:00p.m. in the main gym. Starting with games and bonding, the teens who attend FCA either go into individual small groups, or praise and worship together with a lecture.

“I like the FCA program because it’s a great opportunity to let kids express themselves,”  Thomas said. “That’s what FCA is for is to introduce Christ to others.”

Thomas chose to join FCA earlier the year before. After going to FCA a few times last year, he decided to go more often at the beginning of this year, being more involved and part of the Christian club for athletes.

“FCA basically allows students and friends to come together, worship the Lord and have fun all at the same time,” Thomas said.

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