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LUCK For Parker

LUCK For Parker

The Silver Spurs filed down the middle of the cafeteria as the drumline began progressing through the center. Though the small pep-rally first debuted at the beginning of a-lunch, it was followed up by one at both other lunches. Surprised students looked up from their lunch trays and conversations at the ruckus and fueled by curiosity discovered, these small pep-rallies were merely the first festivities of LUCK week.

“I look forward to LUCK week because the school comes together for one common goal,” Coordinator Dena Schimming said.

LUCK week or Legacy Uniting through Caring and Kindness, has multiple different fundraising and awareness activities to benefit a candidate in need of financial/medical help. This year’s candidacy belongs to English IV teacher Stephanie Shackelford’s newborn son, Parker Lee.

[Read Parker’s Story Here]

“I know we have financial and emotional needs,” Mrs. Shackelford said. “ut I know others are hurting as much if not more than we are. I question why we deserve this but am grateful for it at the same time.”

Each year, the week is themed around the recipient’s likes and hobbies such as their favorite color or their favorite sports team. This year has no exception, but because baby Parker cannot tell us his favorite color, team or sport, the theme has been decided for him as Dr. Suess.

“We wanted to pick something appropriate for babies but also for teens,” Mrs. Schimming said. “We also love the book Oh The Places You’ll Go! and the special meaning behind it.”

Along with seeing the school unite, Mrs. Schimmy also looks forward to one more thing.

“I love seeing the face of the recipient during the pep rally,” Mrs. Schimming said.

Scheduled Dress Up days are in order and include:
Monday- Cat In The Hat
Tuesday- Whoville Hair Day
Wednesday- Thing 1, Thing 2 (twin) day
Thursday- Fox In Socks (silly socks) day
Friday- L.U.C.K. week shirt day.

Along with the spirit dress up days, StuCo has scheduled spirit fundraising nights at the following places:
Monday- Chik-Fil-A
Thursday- Uncle Bo’s
Friday- Blue Heaven

LUCK week shirts were sold as a pre-order but extras are being sold beginning Wednesday morning before school at the StuCo store and the second annual Lip Dub will be shown at Parker Lee’s pep-rally Friday during last block featuring the songs “Livin’ On A Prayer” and “Love Shack.”

“I loved participating in the Lip dub but was nervous about being front and center,” Mrs. Shackelford said. “To get past my nervousness, I looked at it more as ‘This is fun’ rather than ‘This is for me’.”

Following the school day, Miss LHS takes place Friday night in the PAC for $7 at the door.

“I’m very nervous about being in front of so many people,” sophomore Caleb Jones said. “But I’m not worried about embarrassing myself in front of them.”

Shackelford found great emotion in becoming the recipient for LUCK week.

“I cried,” Mrs. Shackelford said. “I was very emotional. Receiving LUCK week overwhelmed me with the feeling that people are supporting us and people are really thinking about us.”

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2 Responses to “LUCK For Parker”

  1. Madelyne Morris on February 1st, 2015 8:11 pm

    This is amazing! Why don’t we do this anymore?


    Ben Townsend Reply:

    LUCK week will be back March 2-6 this year.


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