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A Day in the Life of Bronco Brigade

Nadley Doerge

My first football game:

I set foot on the bright green turf with my fellow Bronco Brigade to pump up the crowd. As a new brigade member I was full of energy and team spirit for our first game of the year. Working together to get the fans going, we had a great time fooling around and showing our red and black Bronco pride. During half time we get a surprising visit from the opposing team’s spirit crew. With colorful overalls and ear to ear grins they present us with a peace offering. The peace offering consisted of multiple types of candy. We made peace. Of course, candy can appease almost any teen around these parts. We combine forces to get our crowd even MORE pumped up. After the two hour rain delay of our first game, the fans that were left we knew were the most dedicated of them all. We ask them if they want us to get their fans excited for the second half, one of them reply, “They won’t care.” I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Whilst we greet them with smiles and a happy attitude, the Bronco Brigade was confronted with loud boos and yelling (mean yelling, not happy yelling.) We continue even though they’re not accepting of us. Finally after trying to get the crowd to participate, and actually show an emotion besides anger, we give up. I saunter back to the home side lines, realizing that there’s no other sound I’d want to hear than the cheers of the Bronco nation.

My last football game:

After making it to the playoffs, we venture onto Southlake Carol to play Denton Guyer. It was a rainy, cold, and dreary evening. Not the ideal setting for a football game. But we kept the smiles on our faces and tried to keep the crowd going. When the stressful game was over, and we had to accept the fact that we lost, we made the best of it. We actually made it to the playoffs. That’s so awesome! We didn’t revert to childish tactics to distract the other team. If you didn’t go to the game, they had an obnoxious train whistle for every time we started a play and every time they made a point. If we had to be obnoxious and cocky to stay in the playoffs, I’m glad we lost. I love the fact that we are all proud of Legacy, but I’m happier to know that we don’t rub it in other people’s faces.

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