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Activities Over the Holidays

Josh Perry

During the two weeks off for Christmas break, have you ever found yourself sitting around at home, bored out of your mind? There are plenty of things to do, you just need to go out and find them. Here are a few ideas:

Holiday in the Park at Six Flags – It is family fun. Walking around a cold amusement park, lights everywhere, riding roller coasters and that little sled hill they make out of ice sounds like a load of fun. Don’t forget about the amazing food too, which is another way to have a Six Flags day. It is a great way to spend the holidays with the family.
General Admission: $54.99
Children Under 48’’: $34.99

Rent “It’s a Wonderful Life” – Don’t know how it became a tradition, or why it is one, but apparently watching this movie over the holidays is the thing to do. It makes women cry, so guys you might find it as a nice date movie, or just one to watch with the family.

Decorate the Tree as a Family – The bulbs go in the back, same colors don’t go together, wrap it up in tinsel and popcorn on a string, then put on ornaments you’ve collected since the day you were born. Put on the lights and make the tree shine, and then top it off with a star or an angel. Family time, is tree time. Make sure you have Tylenol at the ready because you know Moms; everything has to be perfect.

Visit the Grandparents – It seems that grandparents are only good for one thing in the eyes of children, they give you more presents after the ones you get Christmas morning. They show love, kindness, let you go against every rule your parents have set, and bear gifts in the form of cash.

Play Video Games for the Entire Break – The teenage gamer’s dream is to wake up late because you didn’t go to sleep until the early morning hours, then hit the power button and go to town on the games. It is the perfect way to beat any video game you’re behind on.

Get Sick Drinking Too Much Eggnog – I’ve never seen someone enjoy it, but people actually do. It is like milk and eggs, so too much will make you sick. I personally think its gross but don’t be offended if you like it.

Make Cookies for Santa – We all love Santa. We all love cookies. Win-Win situation.

Put Carrots in the Front Lawn for the Reindeer – As tradition goes, you put carrots in your front lawn for the reindeer to chomp on. Think about it. The reindeer lands on the roof, but we put the carrots in the front lawn. That’s dangerous. This year, chunk them onto the roof.

Go Ice Skating – During the holiday season, it tends to get cold. When it gets cold, ponds and small lakes tend to freeze over. Although that never happens around here, The Parks Mall has a really good skating rink and ice skating is a good way to hang out with friends and family.

Keep Warm by the Fire – Its really cold at night and most humans are not too fond of the extreme cold. Get inside that snuggie and sit next to the fire.

Listen to Christmas Music – Radio stations just love to play Christmas music during the holidays, and I know that may come as a surprise to you, but I swear it is true. They play all the songs you know and love, and that you’ve known and love for many years now. It is a fun way to harmonize your holiday.

Drink A Lot of Hot Chocolate – The best holiday drink is hot coco, we’ve already discussed eggnog so don’t even think about it. Its nice and warm and if drunk while really hot, you can feel it steaming down to the stomach. What makes hot chocolate even better are the little white, fluffy pillows known as the marsh mellow.

Track Santa with Younger Siblings – Technology is a wonderful thing. Now on the Internet and U-verse there are websites and channels to watch Santa’s progress around the globe, and then the little ones can hop in bed when he gets close.

Go Christmas Carolling – Some neighbors really like it when you come around and start singing Christmas songs. Others may precede to throw things at you and yell at you to be quiet, but it is the concept of spreading Christmas joy that really matters.

Sit on Santa’s Lap – Little ones love to go visit Santa and sit on his lap and tell him everything they want for Christmas. It could be anything from ponies to BB guns, but be careful with that last one.

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