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Six Characters With Unexpected Voice Actors

Travis St. John, Staff Writer

Voice acting has been a over looked form of acting since the first cartoons and the voice actors have been even more under appreciated. Some people have the voice but not the face for acting so they turn to voice-overs for cartoons, video games and animated movies. Most people don’t know who the voices are behind iconic characters. These are the six characters with voice actors people don’t expect.

6.) Meg Griffin

Shut up Meg.

Family Guy has a gratuitous amount of really good voice actors. Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson), Seth Green (Chris Griffin) and Seth McFarlane (Stewie/Peter/Quagmire/Brian) are all fantastic voice actors, but they are not that different from their characters. Meg has always been known as the annoying, ugly and boring character that absolutely no one likes.

Who does the voice?


Granted, Mila Kunis played an annoying character in “That 70s show”, but she’s gorgeous. She resembles Meg in no way what so ever. Her voice works well for Meg, but they need a actress more like Meg in every way.

She’s perfect. Ugly, stupid and no one likes her.

5.) Bender

Best robot ever hands down.

Futurama has been one of my favorite shows since it first came out, but without Bender the show would be terrible. Bender was the funniest character right off the bat from episode one. His wise cracks, one liners and consistently funny physical humor always makes me laugh. His character has to be a awesome mafioso or something, right?

It appears not.

Who does the voice?

The above image was taken of the “real” Bender, John Di Maggio. John does a good amount of voice acting and he’s a very talented guy, but he just doesn’t seem like the Bender type. Even more strange he also does the voice of Marcus Fenix of Gears of War.

Pick your brain up off the floor. I know it just got blown away.

4.) Sterling Archer

Just make James Bond incredibly dumb, but he still maintains how amazing he was and that’s the entire plot of the show.

Archer has become one of my favorite shows of all time. The jokes are genius and the hilarity of the show always keeps its edge. Archer has become my favorite character of all time seeing as how he has the perfect balance of comedy and being awesome. Archer gets all the ladies while fighting terrorists and he has the perfect athletic ability of a secret agent.

Who does the voice?

A short pudgy man with a receding hair line.

Believe it or not I’m serious.

H. Jon Benjamin voices Archer. I have absolutely nothing against Jon. His voice was the perfect match for Archer and he’s utterly hilarious. Jon’s just the farthest thing from Archer though. At least he dosn’t voice a Transformer or something.

This picture says all that needs to be said about H. Jon Benjamin.

3.) Optimus Prime

The testosterone in this story just grew by a large amount.

Optimus Prime has been everyone’s favorite robot since the 80s. Optimus may just be the perfect mix of American spirit and Sci-Fi that has ever existed. Optimus tears through bad guys and got the entire world to spend over a billion dollars to see him do it. Surely with pure essence of awesomeness and man that he has to be Chuck Norris or something, right?

Well he’s at least Chuck Norris approved.

Who does the voice?

Peter Cullen.


Okay I gotcha.

The man has an awesome mustache so it makes up for the fact that he’s a tiny old man. He shouldn’t even be on this list then right? Well he also voices Eeyore off of Winnie the Pooh.

The most dangerous robot ever is also a depressed donkey.

2.) Piccolo/ Vegeta

The testosterone just spiked in this story.

Piccolo and Vegeta are two of the manliest characters of all time. Piccolo’s an alien with a bad attitude who was also the guardian of earth, and Vegeta’s a super saiyan prince with a bad attitude who can turn into a giant gorilla.

Dragon Ball Z had a lot of weird stuff in it.

These two are hardcore manly characters so surely this time Samuel L. Jackson or someone awesome has to voice them.

Who does the voice?

Christopher Sabat? Wow, yeah I was wrong again.

1.) Bart Simpson

Eat his shorts.

Bart Simpson has been America’s favorite bad boy since the Simpsons first started. His crazy pranks, constant rebellion, criminal acts and his jokes are all reasons people love him. Bart has probably become one of the most iconic cartoon characters that has ever existed. Bart has been on T.V. for 25 years now and everyone knows his voice as a hilarious little boy. I would take a guess as to who it’s gonna be but I know I’ll be wrong.

Who does the voice?

55 year old Nancy Cartwright.

America’s favorite bad boy’s a woman in her 50s. That’s the reason Bart Simpson’s number one.

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