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23 Unpopular Opinions Explained

Jazmine Necessary, discusses her unpopular opinions.

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Jazmine Necessary, discusses her unpopular opinions.

Jazmine Necessary, Staff Writer

Everyday social media feeds are filled with a range of different people’s opinions. Popular options get good feedback while unpopular ones get a wide variety of hate on them. Everybody has the right to their opinions though and understanding why a person thinks the way they do even when you do not agree makes your mind more open. Instead of jumping to being offended try to find a way to appreciate why a person thinks the way they do.

Pineapple most definitely belongs on pizza
I am Italian, do not fight me on this. Why has this debate been so drawn out? Just eat your pizza how you want and let me eat my better pizza in peace.

Yellow is the worst color
Why would you ever want to walk around looking like Big Bird from Sesame Street? The brightness of the color overwhelms me to be completely honest.

Hamburger helper is quality food
I grew up with a single dad so all food is good food. My family now refuses to buy or eat hamburger helper but I am still fighting for its honor.

Taco Casa is superior to Taco Bell
Just talking about Taco Bell gives me indigestion. Make the smart choice. Try the super burrito you will not regret it.

Beyonce is not queen
You are both humans, she just happens to have an amazing voice. Just because she has a nice voice though does not mean you have to idolize her. Just listen to her music like any other artist you listen to.

Moist isn’t a gross word
It just describes something damp. It will not come and murder your whole family. I am sorry if this word bothers you but it sounds like a personal problem to me.

Mayonnaise is tasty
Why would you eat a BLT or cheeseburger without it? What do you put in tuna salad and deviled eggs instead? It just does not make sense to me how somebody would not like it.

Nickelback is a good band  
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I really do not have any good defense for this one.

Lil Pump’s music kills brain cells  
Half of his song “Gucci Gang” repeats the title while the other half talks about drugs. Stay in school kids – unlike Lil Pump.

The Office is not a good show
I’m sorry but I’m really not. I just don’t find it funny just stupid. It seems really overrated for no reason.

“Spoopy” was an awful word and should never be used again
Just say spooky. Using real words can not be that hard. Somebody just did not typed spooky correctly and tried to play it off like they meant to do that and then it went viral.

The super long fake nails are not cute
Fake nails as a whole are not bad just when they get outrageously long. I can barely live life with my short nails so how do you do life with super long ones?

Country music is not good
I grew up on Metallica and ACDC. Country music was not something played in my house growing up.

Olive Garden is not good
If you have never been to Buca De Beppo or did not grew up in an Italian household you do not know what real Italian food is.

The crazy eyebrow trend is awful
Why do you want your eyebrows looking like feathers? Put on some yellow and finish the Big Bird look.

Pimple nail art is the worst trend on 2017
Gross. Who just thought to themselves one day, “Hey you know what I want a pimple on my finger nail, yeah that is super cute and innovative.”

Hot dogs are satan’s food
If the smell of a hot dog does not make you want to throw up there is something wrong with you.

The “is water wet” debate is stupid
Go debate about some important adult stuff like net neutrality and taxes. The word wet though means covered by water. Water molecules are surrounded by water therefore making it wet.   

Chivalry should not die
Yes, I can open the door for myself but I also like boys opening doors for me, it just feels nice. Just because I like when boys do nice things for me does not mean I am succumbing to the patriarchy.

Lana Del Rey does not have a good voice
Her songs just hurt my ears. She has good lyrics I just can not stand her voice.

Hockey is better than football
Hockey has more action in it and a faster pace. Plus who doesn’t love watching grown men hit each other with hockey sticks?

Making “Irregardless” a real word is the downfall of the human race as we know it
What millennial thought it would be a good idea to make a fake word a real word. Irregardless literally means regardless. Save brain cells and switch to regardless today.

I am funny
My mom does not even agree with this one so it makes sense that I am the only one who does. I will continue to make really bad jokes though so I apologize now.

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Jazmine Necessary, Editor-In-Chief

After romantic candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach, I enjoy writing for this website and making lame jokes.

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  1. micaih on December 15th, 2017 10:41 am

    My feelings are hurt.

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