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Dear Rider Editor,
I have read all past editions of the Rider and have always enjoyed them very much.. However, sometimes you don’t report on all of the sports that are in season.  The swim team is hardly ever mentioned as a whole; neither is the golf team. I think it would enhance the reading quality if you can put in just a little snippet about each sport. The swim team has almost back- to- back undefeated seasons this year and last. It would be really cool if everyone in the school knew what was happening with all of the sports.
Jeffery Key

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One Response to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More Coverage”

  1. Rita on December 13th, 2009 2:38 pm

    If there was a convenient way for the various Legacy programs to “feed” info to the newspaper staff it would be helpful. Could be as simple as each activity designating someone from their group to update journalism from time to time. I know there was a Creative Problem Solving (Destination Imagination) team who went to State competition – last year, I think and it got little if any recognition. Some groups like this may have to take the initiative to get the news to the journalism students to make them aware of what all is going on. I can say that one e-mail last year about Winter Guard’s competition at World had the paper asking for photos and publishing an update within hours. They were awesome, once “in the know”. Help them out! 🙂


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