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Theater Play Set to ‘Run’

Zach Hutchison

Dini Wyatt, Staff Writer

Running in the Red, the drama department’s fall show, runs through Thurs. Oct. 20 at 7 p.m. and Sunday Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. in the Preforming Arts Center. Cast and crew members practiced four days a week since Sept. 6 to prepare for their performance.

“I am really excited about it,” Director Jeremy Ferman said. “I think it’s going to be really funny and the audience will like it.”


The show Running in the Red, a comedy by Karl Tiedemann, consists 11 actors.

“Its really starting to come together as a show because everyone is starting to get the feel of the pacing the show and its starting to work,” sophomore Madison Fountain said.

The set which consists of a living room, five doors, a stair case and a window was built by Mr. Freman’s Technical Theatre class, cast and crew members.

“I think the biggest challenge is all the set issues we just cant have an abstract set like The Crucible,” Director Melanie McIntyre-Holmes said “It takes in an apartment, so you have to have walls and six doors.”

The female lead, Eve Williams a comedic radio star, played by junior Sarah McDonnell was surprised when she looked at the cast list. This is her first lead role after she looked at the cast list everyone surrounded her congratulating her.

“The first thing I looked at was my name under the cast list then all of a sudden I was like hugging people and stuff,” McDonnell said. “I could see Ferman over every body’s shoulders just staring at me and I was like whoa. I didn’t know what to say.”

Fountain has the role of Joe who, with her partner, are the comedy writers for Eve and Jerry’s radio show.

“I love my character. My character is so fun,” Fountain said. “I get to say a lot  of one liners and just a lot of slap sick and cheesy comedy.”

Fountain looks forward to preforming in front of a live audience the most on opening night.

“You never really know how the show is going to go until you actually feed off that audience,” Fountain said. “Then you have so much more energy and it feels better.”

Cast in order of appearance:

Jerry Walker- Travis St. John

Eve Williams – Sarah McDonnell

Nellie Simpson- Mallorie Carney

Rudy Williams- Christina Cranshaw

Joe Freedman- Madison Fountain

Charley Jacobs- Joe Kinler

Warren Foster- Khiry Cleveland

Ted Packer- Hunter Gann

Edwina Holcomb- Brittney Chaney

J.S. Massie- Lenny Loughner

Officer Kennedy- Wyatt Zalatoris

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