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Superintendent Visits Geography Class

Marilyn Carey, Staff Writer

Catherine McGuiness’s Pre-Ap World Geography class wrote letters to an important person of their choice as an extra credit opportunity. The students did not know the class would soon receive a personal visit from Superintendent Dr. Bob Morrison.

Dr. Morrison paid a surprise visit to Mrs. McGuiness’s AP World Geography class after her students chose him to write letters to as an extra credit opportunity. After receiving the letters, Dr. Morrison decided to talk to the students personally about the new eight-period schedule plans for next year.

“I chose to write a letter to Dr. Morrison because he has the authority to change stuff around and make a difference to our school, like he did with the eight-period schedule for next year,” freshman Aubrey Copeland said. “A lot of people wrote to Dr. Morrison but not about the eight- period schedule change.”

The assignment instructed the students to write a letter to an important person, asking questions about changes they plan to make and what future plans they hold. Although Star Ramos, 9, did not write a letter to Dr. Morrison, she had plenty of questions to ask him during his visit.

“He just wanted to personally tell us why we are switching to an eight-period schedule next year,” Ramos said. “He told us about the school budget cuts and how the schedule will be easier for everybody.”

Dr. Morrison appeared in all of Mrs. McGuiness’s Pre-Ap World Geography classes to explain the new scheduling plans and to answer more questions the students had prepared for him about both next years’ eight-period-schedule and the End OF Course [EOC] exam.

“In my letter I asked Dr. Morrison why he changed the schedule around,” Copeland said. “I questioned about teachers giving us more homework and stuff.”

Dr. Morrison assured the students he will monitor the amount of homework teachers assign to students daily for next year. He explained to the students that having shorter lunches will prevent students from going off campus and making an 8-period schedule will give all students more of an opportunity to learn with the benefits of having all of the classes everyday.

“Scheduling homework daily with eight classes a day is definitely going to affect our education,” Ramos said. “I feel like it’s just all about the money for now. He did not answer my questions as thoroughly as I would of preferred him too.”

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