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Parker Anderson

Brittany Musser

Sophomore Parker Anderson grabs his racket and walks onto the court preparing for the match ahead. Apprehension and excitement takes over as he faces his opponent, this is what he’s been training for.

How long have you been playing tennis?
“I’ve been playing for four years. I like high school tennis best because you get to travel with teammates and its more competitive.”

What made you decide to begin playing tennis?
“I decided to play tennis because my friend Tyler Cawthore from Mansfield started playing.”

What’s your favorite part of playing?
“I enjoy the competition, and I think it’s fun to play especially when I win.”

What do you do when you’re losing a match?
“If I’m behind then I will try to change up my strategy and get something going. If I lose I don’t get angry because I know I’ve done my best.”

Do you prefer playing at home tournaments or away?
“I prefer playing at home on a familiar court where I’m more relaxed and surrounded by all my friends.”

How do you think you’ve progressed since last year?
“I’ve gotten a lot better with experience, and I’ve had the help of really good coaches.  Coach Redwine has had a lot of experience and is a great mentor.”

What are your long term goals for tennis?
“I want to play all four years and hopefully be a super champ and district MVP by my junior or senior year. If I’m good enough and get offers I’ll play in college, but I don’t plan on going pro.”

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