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On To The Next One: Women’s Golf Head To Regionals

Megan Henry

Gold medals hang from the neck of six golfers. The hour long car ride home from Squaw, Texas was filled with energized girls returning home as District Champions.

 The Girls’ Golf team competed in the District tournament on Tuesday, April 6, and Wednesday, April 7. Out of the 13 girls that participated six will advance to Regionals. When Sophomore Kendall McGahey heard the news, she became instantly excited.

 “[Winning District] was the first time somebody could look up to our team,” McGahey said. “I feel as if we accomplished a lot.”

 The team will drive over 200 miles out to Bentwood Country Club in San Angelo on April 19 to participate in the Regional competition. To practice for the upcoming tournament, the girls will go to driving ranges and work on their short game. They will also play a few rounds.

 “At Regional’s there will be more competition than at District but I think we still have a chance to make it to State.” McGahey said.

 To advance to State the girls have to receive the lowest score as a team. All of the players are held accountable in the scoring and plan to try their best in hopes to advance.

 “I feel like we’ve come together as a team,” McGahey said. “If we work hard we can accomplish big things.”

 For senior Erika Bazaldua this will be her second year to advance to Regionals. Bazaldua took time off and realized she missed playing and has a positive outlook towards the competition.

 “I’m really excited [for Regional’s],” Bazaldua said. “Getting there is a big deal and this is the first time we have had a good chance to advance. Whoever can zone in on the game can win the title.”

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