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14 Random National Holidays

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Kendra Washington

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Keep an eye out for these random holidays on your calendar.

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Keep an eye out for these random holidays on your calendar.

Mark your calendars. Check out this list of weird holidays that will occur for the rest of the school year.

Make a difference Day (October 24, 2015)
This holiday came to be in 1990 to encourage volunteer work around communities. Every year, millions of Americans join together all around the country to participate in community improvement projects, from repairing less fortunate neighborhoods to helping out at nursing homes.  

Sandwich Day (November 3, 2015)
The sandwich was created on this day in 1763 when the 4th Earl of Sandwich put a piece of meat between two pieces of bread so that he wouldn’t have to leave the gambling table to eat.

Saxophone Day (November 6, 2015 )
Band kids get ready. Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone, was born on this day in 1814.

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (December 16, 2015)
Chocolate lovers this day is for you. This holiday is thought to have been created by a candy company as a form of promotion, but no matter how it was made enjoy eating some of your favorite foods with chocolate on them.  

Make Up Your Mind Day (December 31, 2015)
The year is coming to an end and if you’re gonna make up your  mind about that thing that you’ve been pondering about all year than you better do it on this day. You may even want to decide your new year’s resolutions. Seniors if you haven’t picked a college yet, this is the day to do that.

National Popcorn Day (January 19, 2016)
This holiday is celebrated in January due to the NFL super bowl that is usually held during this month. Yet, whether or not you are a football lover, don’t be afraid to fully celebrate this day.

Single Awareness Day (February 15, 2016)
What better day to tell that special someone what you think of them or binge watch that TV show, whatever works.

Middle Name Pride Day (March 10, 2016)
Though most of us cringe at the sound of our middle names, it’s what makes you stand out from every other “John Doe’ in the world.

Make Your Own Holiday Day (March 26, 2016)
This holiday was created by the Wellness Permission League. Take this day to get creative and make this day special for anything that you want.

Pig in a Blanket Day (April 24, 2016)
Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, especially on this day. Even if it requires waking up a little earlier, enjoy a pig in a blanket breakfast on this morning.

World Press Freedom (May 3, 2016)
This holiday was created in 1993 by the UN General Assembly as a way to recognize freedom of expression and the effort that journalists have put in to have this right.

National Sea Monkey Day (May 15, 2016)
If you kill every fish that you come into contact with maybe you should consider this pet, that comes alive when put into water. There can’t be a better day to go out and get one.

National Doughnut Day (June 3, 2016)
This year National Doughnut day falls on our last day of school. Something to look forward too in the end of final exam stress and something to use to celebrate when it’s finally summer.

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Kendra Washington, Sports Editor

My name is Kendra Washington. I am a senior with a love for Jesus, writing, singing, football and people. I’m the Sports Editor for and a manager for Bronco football.

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